No job is so Important, that in cannot be done safely!

Excellence in health, safety and environment in the workplace is a core value for Govind Development, LLC. Our management team puts our safety commitment into action through leadership, commitment and expectations. Every Govind Development employee and contractor accept health, safety and environment as job requirements, whether working at a desk, in a refinery or at any of our client’s locations.  Through management leadership we have established clear expectations for adherence to our high principled standards and integrate integrity in all business activities and investment decisions. Govind Development’s beliefs and high standards in business process allow us to operate with excellence in all our development activities.

Govind Development continues to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and where laws and regulations do not exist; we maintain our proactive approach to safety and communicate through our own policies and training.  Our commitment to high excellence standards, legal compliance, and reliability is reflected in our work and practices.  Our Safety commitment is that, No job is so important, that it cannot be done safely!  The management team has continued to be proactive in safety by committing Govind Development to this mindset of safety.  Our significant focus on safety leadership and excellence has helped to create a dynamic and proactive safety culture.

Through engineering safety throughout our phases of operations, Govind Development can address and design in necessary mitigation for risk exposure and potentially ‘unsafe’ environments.  It is in this way that we not only protect our employees from unacceptable risks but also our clients and anyone who might come to work on or with these systems. Our root cause analysis of safety incidents in the past several years has led us to embrace the importance of recognizing and mitigating the potential and actual outcomes of an incident. Through careful analysis, we learned that near misses and minor incidents, usually associated with higher-risk activities, have the potential to become serious injuries or possible a fatality. This awareness enables our management team to better focus efforts on those activities.

Govind Development’s drive to safety excellence requires all of us to seek opportunities to continuously improve our individual approach to a proactive mindset of avoiding injuries and illnesses. Govind Development believes that employee’s mindset and beliefs in safety continue to be primary contributors to incidents. We have learned that this, in part, has to do with the personal choices each of us makes to either accept or mitigate risks. At Govind Development, we refer to this mindset as “safety culture.”

The process of a proactive safety culture involves recognizing and identifying the risk, understanding it and then making the choice to either accept or mitigate the risk. This has created an important exchange of ideas that helps elevate awareness and reinforces expectations across all divisions of our workforce. As Govind Development expands our services on a global theater, we communicate and promote our safety culture through training and education to ensure that safety awareness efforts around “No job is so important, that in cannot be done safely!” are maintained.  This is an essential characteristic of an established and effective safety culture where workers take ownership and accountability for their own and each other’s personal safety every day.