Govind Development, LLC GDL is a full service engineering design firm furnishing services to industrial and governmental clients. We complete service for every project and task our clients trust us to undertake for the success of their business. Full service to Govind Development means not only having the technical ability, experience and expertise to solve our clients’ most pressing and complex engineering, procurement and construction problems, but the willingness and attitude to always go beyond what is expected. Govind Development’s Project Management Systems and Project Managers provide the backbone and leadership for every engineering, design, procurement or construction project we undertake. With their unique blend of technical experience, excellent management and communication skills, and ability to understand a project at any level, our project managers are a critical component to any project’s ultimate success. Govind Development’s project managers are selected from the best of the best and continue to prove themselves every day to our longtime clients. The key to their success is their strong sense of ownership to achieve the owner’s needed project outcome and their drive to do whatever it takes to get it done the right way the first time, on time, and within budget. Supporting every project manager are dedicated support personnel and time-tested project management systems. These interconnected system components include software and reporting applications for project finances and schedules, document control applications, and organizational procedures and policies dictating our actions and methods. Govind Development invests heavily in maintaining and improving its state-of-the-art project management support systems so that we always know where a project is at any point of its life-cycle to deliver the expected end result. And it’s one of several important reasons why we’re so ideally suited to help our clients with turnkey projects.

Project Management

We generate business value by developing and delivering projects, driving capital efficiency for our customer base, as well as generating long-term operational value.  To do this, Govind Development will take the opportunity or problems identified by the client and create a unique project and delivering it with a world class approach.  The Govind Project Process provides a systematic execution strategy that provides the client with consistent and repeatable deliverables on their engineering and design requirements.  This system is designed to maximize the creativity of the project management team while providing processes which guide the overall delivery. Govind Development Project Managers have diverse backgrounds in electrical, mechanical, civil/structural, instrument and process control.  With the support of the technical disciplines,

Govind Development can fully engage on multi-discipline projects in a wide range of sizes.  Govind Development has the capability to manage projects both domestically and internationally.

Project Services

We enhance project delivery by assisting in the planning, prediction and revision of project cost, scope and schedule for our internal team and provide transparency to our client base.  Project services personnel have skills of change management, cost analysis, document management, estimating and scheduling.  The Govind Project Process provides a framework for project managers and client personnel to drill down into details of the project execution and act on that information.  Our highly-trained support staff is capable of managing projects from Small maintenance projects to Large capital projects.

In addition to supporting our internal portfolio of projects, Govind Development can provide on-site support personnel to meet client needs.  Supporting our project management team gives Govind Development and its leadership clear accountability to the cost, schedule and quality for the project deliverables.

Project Controls

Govind Development, LLC Project Controls must maintain productivity tracking and metrics that can provide detail look at each project on a weekly bases. Performance schedules must also be updated to show if milestones are being meet in refection to the daily deliverables. Project Controls also monitors each deliverable with a process of quality control to check for accuracy of the deliverables. Project Controls must review weekly reports with Client, Project Managers, and upper management to keep them informed of progression with each project.