Govind Development, LLC GDL Civil/Structural Engineering and Design group provides engineering, design and drafting services for industrial and governmental capital and maintenance projects involving steel, timber and concrete structures including shallow and deep foundation systems for pipe racks, process vessels, flare stacks, heaters, storage tanks, reciprocating compressors, screw compressors, pumps and other process equipment supports, access platforms, pipe racks, motor control centers, central and unit control rooms, blast resistance structures, maintenance shops, warehouses and office buildings for industrial facilities located throughout the Gulf Coast and in the state of Louisiana, Oklahoma, Georgia, New Jersey, Tennessee, Kansas and North Dakota as well as internationally in places like Africa, Vietnam and India.

The Civil/Structural staff has extensive design experience with secondary containment and drainage system design of tank farms. Some of the completed projects include design of new earthen dykes, concrete retaining walls reconstruction/improvement as well as certification of containment system to conform to NFPA and other regulatory requirements.

The Civil/Structural Group has extensive experience in marine facilities design involving new and rehabilitation/addition to existing ship and barge docks for petrochemical facilities and the port authorities.

Our engineering staff consists of Registered Professional Engineers in the state of Texas, Tennessee, Kansas, North Dakota and Oklahoma and is qualified to register in all other states if the need arises.

Typical projects include:

  • Layout Drawings
  • Drainage plans
  • Hangar Design Build
  • Foundation Plans and Details
  • Structural Framing Plans and Details
  • Technical Specifications
  • Scopes of Work Description and Definition
  • Bill of Materials
  • Bid Analysis
  • Assistance During Construction
  • Shop Drawings Review and Approval
  • As Built Record Drawings